Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Loosing Weight

That Darn Pina Colada
It's ok to indulge if you like the occasional drink, but drinks pack on the calories, lower your bodies immunity, and lower your inhibitions so that you eat the "whole darn thing" of pizza, tray of fried stuff, or whatever is left over. Ohh, and that pina colada packs on 245 calories!If you must indulge, make sure to pick lighter on the waistline options:

-Merlot - 5 ounces equals 123 calories
-Champagne - 4 ounces equals 88 calories
-Vodka mixed with diet tonic - 100 calories

Your Early Morning Workout
"What's wrong with that?" - you ask. Well, if you are skipping some zzz's for a run with the treadmill then medical studies state that you may be doing more harm than good. Less sleep (less than 7 hours per night) is linked to increased weight gain

Drinking Enough Water, But Not Enough Veggies and Fruits
No matter how many trips to the water cooler, you still should strive for more water coming from the food you eat instead of your glass. Shoot for water filled veggies such as cucumbers and leafy lettuce or fruits such as grapes or watermelon. Of course there are more items that can help you drop the pounds, but these are a great start!! To learn more, join our bellydance classes and enjoy our "Five Minute Bellydance Diet Presentation!"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Body Fat Percentage - The Key To Weight Loss

Although the number on the scale has long been known as "king" in the world of health and weight loss, the truth is that this number is not the "end all be all" in deciding if you are healthy or if you are on your way to weight loss. The real number that everyone should be REALLY concerned about is their body fat percentage.

What's The Benefit Of Knowing Your Body Fat Percentage?
It will help you understand if your weight loss goals are reasonable. For example, if your body fat percentage is less than 20% and you want to loose 20lbs, this may not be the best approach because you would loose muscle. It also keeps you from "jumping off of a cliff" when the number on the scale begins to rise. Since most body fat scales also measure the percentage of water in your body, it will help you understand when the increased weight on the scale is due to water weight gain instead of fat.

Ideal Body Fat Percentages

For women, the average body fat percentage is no higher than 25% although some would say 31%. Men have an average of 5% less body fat than women. See body fat chart.

Next Step: Buy A Body Fat Monitor Scale
Body fat monitor scales range in price from $40 - $200, but even the cheapest body fat monitor scale is better than no scale at all. Weigh yourself daily for at least 3 weeks when you first bring your scale home. The best time to weigh is in the morning after your first bowel movement, immediately after exiting the shower. Because your feet will be moist at this time, the electrodes on the scale will provide a more accurate reading.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to leave comments below!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Health Tip for a Flat Stomach: The Belly Roll

The belly roll is more than a "cool" move. It also aides in digestion as it moves food down your intestines to be digested or excreted from the body. In addition, it works the "pooch" muscle to tone your stomach and shrink your waistline.

To execute the belly roll, it is best if you attempt this laying down. Imagine that your stomach is divided into two sections. The first section is above the belly button, and the latter section is below the belly button. Next, try to suck in only the top section (the section above your belly button) ONLY. Next, try to suck in the bottom section - ONLY. Then alternate each section, top, bottom, top, bottom, and top, bottom.

Finally, try to "roll" the belly from top to bottom. It takes a moment to get the "hang" of it, but this is very helpful to reducing your belly size because it works the main muscle that most people blame for their "budda belly" - exclusively.

For best results, try belly rolls, 30 times a day, 3 times a week for results.