Monday, December 29, 2008

Diet Soda Is Bad For Your Health!

Alas, I've been vindicated! posted an article called "The Truth About Diet Soda" once again talking about the harmful effects of this drink!

Readers... I can't emphasize it enough - Diet Soda Is Bad For Your Health. Here are a few reasons according to the article:
Increase Your Sweet Tooth = Weight Gain
You Drink Less of the Healthy Drinks (Water and Tea)
Aspartame is BAD For Your Health

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Record Broken For The Most People Belly Dancing Simultaneously

Gotta love bellydancing and its transforming effects!! Who would have thought that there WAS an original record of most people bellydancing to begin with? This article explores "The Guinness World Record" that has been broken in November 535 people bellydancing at the same time at the Malvern Theatre in Worcester, England. Think we could organize something like this in Chicago, IL? Well, maybe - Just not in November! CLICK HERE for full article!