Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From Jade Fitness & Entertainment!!

Jade Fitness & Entertainment wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy Holidays!!  Classes are not in session during the holiday break and will resume January 2010.  Thanks for a wonderful year!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving From Jade Fitness & Entertainment!!!

Jade Fitness & Entertainment wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!  We promise to work all those pounds off when you return to class - so eat well!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drink Green Tea To Increase Metabolism

Green tea has been clinically proven to increase metabolism, but did you know that green tea also is a detoxifier? A detoxifyier's main role is to remove all the "bad" chemicals in your body including those leading to dull skin, pimples in the face or back, and it improves the toning and elasticity of the skin. To learn more about green tea, log on

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Melting Fat Tip: Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

For most kids, rainy days are fun filled days, for adults with arthritis rainy days are another story. Arthritis usually starts and originates in the joints which have joint cartilage to help us move. It helps us move by proving a smooth surface that is about 5 times slicker than ice. Composed of over 80% water, joint cartilage begins to pop, creak, and hurt when the body doesn't have all the water it needs. Over time, as the joint cartilage wears away it can't heal as quickly and that is when arthritis really sets in. How does this tip help you burn fat? By drinking half your body weight in ounces every day you will feel fuller, but another benefit is that you hydrate your joint cartilage and prevent or ease the symptoms of arthritis so you can move without pain. If you can move without pain or reduced pain, then you will be more inclined to participate in activities that melt fat away!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Melting Fat Tip: Cook With Olive Oil

Cook with olive oil! Instead of covering those veggies or that bread in butter, try using olive oil and seasoning instead. It will bring out the flavor in your food and cut back on the fat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How To: Egyptian Hip Drop/Hip Drop Kick

As always, your will start with both of your knees will be slightly bent. With your weight on the standing foot (in this example, let's make it our left foot), bring the other foot (your right foot) in front of the standing foot with only the ball of your foot touching the floor. At this point, over 90% of your weight should be in the standing foot. To help your balance, you can lean back slightly, but you must keep your back straight. Now lift your hip up and towards your waist and "snap"/drop it down once on the beat. To perform the "hip drop kick" action, the next time you drop your hip, kick your heel out. Alternate with your foot touching the floor, foot kicking in the air, touching, kicking, etc... Remember, don't bounce.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bellydance Movements Executed Slowly Build More Muscle

Did you know that one pound of muscle burns through 75 calories per day? By comparison, one pound of fat burns through 2 calories per day. Bellydance movements executed slowly build more muscle and help you burn fat while you are resting because it increases your metabolism. So S-L-O-W-L-Y shake it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Loosing Weight

That Darn Pina Colada
It's ok to indulge if you like the occasional drink, but drinks pack on the calories, lower your bodies immunity, and lower your inhibitions so that you eat the "whole darn thing" of pizza, tray of fried stuff, or whatever is left over. Ohh, and that pina colada packs on 245 calories!If you must indulge, make sure to pick lighter on the waistline options:

-Merlot - 5 ounces equals 123 calories
-Champagne - 4 ounces equals 88 calories
-Vodka mixed with diet tonic - 100 calories

Your Early Morning Workout
"What's wrong with that?" - you ask. Well, if you are skipping some zzz's for a run with the treadmill then medical studies state that you may be doing more harm than good. Less sleep (less than 7 hours per night) is linked to increased weight gain

Drinking Enough Water, But Not Enough Veggies and Fruits
No matter how many trips to the water cooler, you still should strive for more water coming from the food you eat instead of your glass. Shoot for water filled veggies such as cucumbers and leafy lettuce or fruits such as grapes or watermelon. Of course there are more items that can help you drop the pounds, but these are a great start!! To learn more, join our bellydance classes and enjoy our "Five Minute Bellydance Diet Presentation!"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Body Fat Percentage - The Key To Weight Loss

Although the number on the scale has long been known as "king" in the world of health and weight loss, the truth is that this number is not the "end all be all" in deciding if you are healthy or if you are on your way to weight loss. The real number that everyone should be REALLY concerned about is their body fat percentage.

What's The Benefit Of Knowing Your Body Fat Percentage?
It will help you understand if your weight loss goals are reasonable. For example, if your body fat percentage is less than 20% and you want to loose 20lbs, this may not be the best approach because you would loose muscle. It also keeps you from "jumping off of a cliff" when the number on the scale begins to rise. Since most body fat scales also measure the percentage of water in your body, it will help you understand when the increased weight on the scale is due to water weight gain instead of fat.

Ideal Body Fat Percentages

For women, the average body fat percentage is no higher than 25% although some would say 31%. Men have an average of 5% less body fat than women. See body fat chart.

Next Step: Buy A Body Fat Monitor Scale
Body fat monitor scales range in price from $40 - $200, but even the cheapest body fat monitor scale is better than no scale at all. Weigh yourself daily for at least 3 weeks when you first bring your scale home. The best time to weigh is in the morning after your first bowel movement, immediately after exiting the shower. Because your feet will be moist at this time, the electrodes on the scale will provide a more accurate reading.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to leave comments below!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Health Tip for a Flat Stomach: The Belly Roll

The belly roll is more than a "cool" move. It also aides in digestion as it moves food down your intestines to be digested or excreted from the body. In addition, it works the "pooch" muscle to tone your stomach and shrink your waistline.

To execute the belly roll, it is best if you attempt this laying down. Imagine that your stomach is divided into two sections. The first section is above the belly button, and the latter section is below the belly button. Next, try to suck in only the top section (the section above your belly button) ONLY. Next, try to suck in the bottom section - ONLY. Then alternate each section, top, bottom, top, bottom, and top, bottom.

Finally, try to "roll" the belly from top to bottom. It takes a moment to get the "hang" of it, but this is very helpful to reducing your belly size because it works the main muscle that most people blame for their "budda belly" - exclusively.

For best results, try belly rolls, 30 times a day, 3 times a week for results.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bellydance Tip: Veil Work

Hold your veil and both arms up until it forms a soft "v". Drop one arm to the side at a 90 degree angle. Now in this example you will be turning clockwise and you will drop your left arm. So you should feel as if you are turning forward as the veil trails behind you fluttering. It looks beautiful with a silk veil!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ways To Fight Cancer

Did you know that there are certain plants that indigenous Amazon local natives use to fight cancer. One doctor named Leslie Taylor has taken on the task of researching every plant she could get her hands on (plus a few others) that local natives identified as cancer fighters. She has compiled an amazing reference guide called Rain Tree Nutrition. Not only does this amazing guide identify plants that could help fight cancer, some of the plants listed also fight colds, flu, reduces tumors and fibroid. To check out the whole list of plants CLICK HERE.

Below are a few interesting plants and their healing properties. If you know anyone that suffers from these aliments feel free to share this information.

Bitter Melon
Kills cancer cells, kills viruses, kills bacteria, prevents tumors and more. Since it is bitter in taste and flavor, local people add the fruit to soups. To kill some of the bitterness, locals may flavor it with salt. Bitter melon has many more properties and traits then listed here.
CLICK HERE to read more about this great fruit!

Kills cancer cells, kills tumor growth, kills bacteria (the cause of colds), and reduces fever. Natives usually eat the pulp and although it has a slightly sour taste, a lot of natives still eat the pulp straight. For more details -

Cat's Claw
Kills cancer, stimulates the immune system and reduces inflamation. Natives boil the root to extract the medicine. For more details -

Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Rules Of Weight Loss

Recently one of my Twitter buddies (Twitter ID: EnzymaticThrpy) provided a great article on the "10 Rules of Weight Loss." After reviewing the article, I'm parring it down to 3 just because 3 things are a lot easier for most of us to remember and we at Jade Fitness & Entertainment feel the most passionate about these 3 because they will really help you loose weight.

Rule #1: Don't Count Calories
Unless you like math, don't count calories. Why? Because there are a lot of ways to consume 2,000 calories a day - not all of them good. A 2,000 calorie a day goal can be reached with great things such as salads, fresh fish, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and tea, but it can also be reached with 3 cans of soda, slices of pizza, and trips to the "greasy spoon" for lunch. Point is, it's the food quality that counts - not the calories.

Rule #2: Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain
Put the diet soda down. It's not helping you win the battle against fat. Clinical studies show that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame cause other harmful health problems - and weight gain.

Rule #3: Snacks Are Good!
There's nothing wrong with a small (healthy) snack in between meals. It allows you to think more clearly and keeps you from devouring the first thing you get your hands on when you get home.

The original article that was the source of our inspiration -

Many thanks again to our Twitter buddy,
EnzymaticThrpy for "Tweeting" this article!

Thanks for taking time to read this blog posting. Feel free to comment or ask any questions below.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Health Tip: Go A Little "Nuts"

Well, score one for one of the alkaline members of the food pyramid-the almond!! This tasty nut is being acknowledged by the scientific community for role in weight control (think slimmer), antioxidants (think disease prevention), and intestinal flora balance (think good digestion and absorption of crucial nutrients that keep you healthy). So, grab a handful of almonds the next time you need to crunch on something or need a quick snack. They will satisfy you much better than a bag of potato chips or Cheetos from the vending machine!!

Don't care for almonds? Go "nuts" with chestnuts instead.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Holiday - Eat Well!

Although Jade Fitness & Entertainment staff will be enjoying the holiday - we want everyone to eat well! We will work it off when you return!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kale - The Super Food!

Want to increase your immunity to fight off cold, flu, and fight that feeling of being tired during the day? Then you will want to try Kale!

Kale is has long since been recognized as the ultimate superfood. With mega portions of:

  • Vitamin K

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin C

  • Manganese

  • And more!

How To Prepare:

You can quickly saute Kale in olive oil, garlic, and onion until slightly wilted. Make sure to remove the stems first (they can be a little tough to chew). Once cooked, season to taste with sea salt and pepper. If you don't care for the taste of Kale (or are a little afraid to try it on it's own, then mix in some fresh Spinach (the iron in Spinach can't hurt either).

How Much Should You Try To Eat?:

Start off by eating 1 cup of cooked Kale a few times a week for best results.

Tried Cooking With Kale? Share Your Stories With Us! Leave Us A Comment Below!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coca Cola Uses - Not Just For Drinking

Did you know that you can do more with Coca Cola than just drink it? Apparently you can! According to an article called "Interesting facts about Coca-Cola" you can:

  • Clean blood off of a highway

  • Dissolve a T-Bone steak in 2 days

  • Clean your toilet

There's more you can do with Coca Cola - CLICK HERE for the original article or copy and paste this link into your browser -

After reading this article, do you still want a can of Coke to drink?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bellydance Tip & How To: Choo Choo Shimmy

It's our very best friend! It's our saving grace! When we can't believe we ate the whole "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream pint (but know it was us because we were the only one's home) and want to burn off all the calories and fat in a jiffy - it's the "Choo Choo Shimmy" to the rescue!!

Choo Choo Shimmies are the biggest calorie burning and fat burning move in our bellydance arsenal and for this reason - we will always love this move!

So here's the "how to".... Stand with your feet together underneath you and your knees slightly bent. Shuffle your feet across the floor allowing the hips to go along for the ride. Your weight should be placed equally on both feet.

Special Note: If you want to really work your waistline - then you will want to add a "twist" by twisting your hips from side to side periodically while choo choo shimmying from one side to the other.

Need help learning more about the choo choo shimmy? Feel free to come to class and we'll show you how! For class locations - CLICK HERE!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories

Working hard? Miss a class or two? Worried about the pounds "creeping up" on you? Well, here are a few suggestions to help burn calories between classes!

Vacuum & Shimmy
You know how to vacuum, and you know how to shimmy so why not combine the two? Vacuum and Shimmy for 25 minutes to your favorite song and you'll burn 100 calories

Ironing Clothes & Shimmying
Add a shimmy while ironing your clothes for 25 minutes and you will see 100 calories melt away!

Belly dancing For 20 Minutes
Have a minute alone? Great! Turn on the music and give yourself a show for 25 minutes! Not alone? Have kids? Get them involved, have them shimmy with you! Grab your significant other - you never know - they may "out shimmy" you!

Have a few more ideas? Feel free to share!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lawyer Turned Bellydancer - Saphira

Bellydancing graces the covers of "The Washington Post" and "NPR Radio" again!

One would think that if you earned a six figure salary as a lawyer and bellydanced that this would be enough to handle in your life, but we at Jade Fitness and Entertainment often say that once the "bellydance bug" bites you, there is no turning back.

A successful lawyer, Rachel Ortega fell in love with bellydancing a few years ago but it wasn't enough to take a few classes and perform. Eventually, she "took the plunge" after being bit by the "bellydance bug", left her career as a lawyer and started her own school. Today, it is a successful and busy operation with 9 instructors and teaches hundreds of women the art of bellydancing. Like Jade Fitness and Entertainment, her students hail from all professions and backgrounds and enjoy her classes.

To learn more about Saphira and her story of how the "bellydance bug" bit her, CLICK HERE.
We at Jade Fitness and Entertainment wish Saphira well!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why You Should Be On Twitter....


By now, you are familiar with the term or have heard it around - somewhere. Maybe you tried it and just didn't get this "Twitter Thing." Well, I'm here to help you connect the dots - from a health perspective.

Twitter is a mini - blog. The key is to post your post (also known as a "Tweet") in less than 140 words.

The key is to find your "niche." If you are into health - or interested in health, then you will want to use the "Search" function at the bottom of Twitter's page. This is different than the "Find People" tab.

Once you are on the search page, type in "health" or "bellydance" or whatever moves you.

When you find someone that you like (or who's posts you would like to know more about), you will want to "Follow" that person by hitting the "Follow" button under the person's profile photo. To see the person's whole Twitter profile in the search results, just click on the person's name and read their posts/Tweets.

But How Can This Help Me With My Health?
By "Following" people with like interests, this creates a virtual "support group" for where you are in life. If your goal is to loose weight or stay in the know about healthy "stuff", then "Follow" someone that posts great information pertaining to this subject. Converse with that person via Twitter to learn new "cool stuff"

You can always follow us (we'd like to think we are "cool" enough to follow): JadeBellydancer is Jade Fitness & Entertainment's Twitter ID

Other Cool People To Follow:

This list is to just get you started and is not an exhastive list of people that post great health information by any means. Check out JadeBellydancer under Twitter to see who we're following and vice versa for an idea.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burn Fat By Working Out In Your Head!!!

Did you know, those that visualized working out "in their heads" had a higher resting metabolism in scientific studies than those that did nothing "in their heads"? Yes, it's true!!! You can burn a bit more fat by turning on your favorite song or soundtrack in your head while walking or sitting and watching television.

So shimmy away in your head before you go to class or between classes for extra calorie burn!!! Need some "material"? We've got great new moves to give you in all of our classes where you can be the star of the show in your head!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bellydance Factoid: How Do I Shoulder Shimmy?

Shoulder Shimmy

There is a difference between a breast shimmy and a shoulder shimmy although they look rather similar. The main difference is that the shoulder shimmy is executed by pushing one shoulder forward while pulling the other shoulder back. In class, we also call it "punching". Punch the right shoulder, then punch the left shoulder. Alternate your "shoulder punching". There is no way to keep the "girls" from coming along for the ride, since they are connected to the upper part of your body. However, you don't want to lead with your chest.

****Note, highly recommend you start out practicing with a supportive bra on when you do this move. The first time we did it without a supportive bra, our "girls" were moving a lot!!! (laughing)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bellydance Moves: How To Camel Roll

We have covered a lot and there is still more to come. In the meantime, here is a breakdown on the "Camel Roll".

Camel Roll
To do a camel roll you should start with the rib cage and the tuck and release of the pelvis. Let's start with the rib cage by pushing the ribs forward, up, back and center. Then round it out till it's smooth (This is what your torso will be doing also). Next we'll work on the pelvis. Start with your feet parallel and facing forward with your knees slightly bent. Now tuck the tail bone under causing your hips to go forward. Now, release it back to center and the push it slightly back and then back to center. Keep your spine supple.

Now let's combine the moves.

Think of your body being divided into sections, your top is section one, the middle is section 2, and the pelvis is section 3. Think of an imaginary wall in front of you. Not one section of your body can touch the wall at the same time. Sooo, if section "one" is touching the wall, then section two and three are not. If section "two" (your stomach/midsection) is touching the wall, section one and three are not. With this in mind, push the ribs forward and the pelvis back. Next, push the ribs up and the pelvis goes back to center. As you execute this movement, section "one" is touching the imaginary wall and section two and three are not. Then, pull the ribs back a bit more as you tuck the tail bone under you. Keep your spine supple and flexible. At this point your section "two" should be touching the imaginary wall, section one and three are not touching. Your spine should be pretty concave at this point as you move into pulling your ribs back and your pelvis toward the center. Finally your hips (section "three") should move forward as your ribs and hips return to the center. Attempt this move again, but try to smooth it out.

Also, try it with one foot in front of the other or on the balls of your feet (helpful for walking). Make sure your roll down the spine though every vertebrae.

Benefit and "Why You Should Care Factor": Works all of the muscles in your torso for a slimmer physique. Also works your stomach because you are executing a "mini-ab-crunch" for your upper abs (reduce and tones upper belly size). This also increases the strength in your back over time because we commonly don't work our backs because we are sitting all day (less back arches and injury).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Doctor May Want To Tell You The Truth - But Can't

An arresting and jarring title - I know....

For years, members of the natural health and holistic community and believers in following a more natural path have always known that you should work WITH your doctor towards better health - not just blindly follow your doctor without question. What does this mean? It means, your doctor may want to suggest something MORE to help you - but can't. So it's up to you, and us, as consumers to take control of our health and research the prognosis given. Don't assume that pain, fatigue, or lack of focus is normal.

Recently, an article featured in The New York Times called "When Doctors and Nurses Can’t Do the Right Thing" shed light on the dilemma that doctors and their medical staff faces. Some doctors and their staff WANT to give a more aggressive treatment for various patient medical conditions, but between the threat of medical establishment and the lawyers - the stakes are simply to high. For those doctors that are aware of "something being wrong" - they are among the group suffering from "Medical and Moral Distress."

Why can't doctors and nurses just TELL you what you need? Because they risk loosing their jobs, being sued, or having their medical license revoked. One doctor reported on this incident in an article titled "An Important Letter About Trust". After recommending a common and effective alternative approach to a patient's condition, the doctor was immediately summoned in front of the American Medical Association for a full investigation with the potential of loosing his medical license! In this situation, the doctor "got off with a warning" with the condition to NEVER mention natural approaches to treat patients again.

But the tide is turning, as more cases of people using alternative therapy yields results, members of the conservative school of thought in the medical community and the legal community are beginning to notice and hopefully pave the way for the public to become aware of ways to take charge of their health without quickly and resorting to prescription drugs. In the future, maybe doctors and nurses like these featured in these articles will be able to tell their patients the truth - without fear of consequences....

Featured Articles:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Belly Roll and Childbirth

As promised to last week's Wednesday night class, I've located several articles that cite the benefit of using the "Bellyroll" to aide in the birthing process.

These are the following sites:

Essentially, the sentiment was the same. If you start learn the bellyroll early on, your birth will be an easier one because of your ability to isolate the muscles in that area. Another benefit includes providing the reproductive organs with more oxygen resulting in improved health. So ladies - let's roll!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cancer, Sickness, and Body pH

In last week's class on Thursday January, 22nd, I talked about how the disease cancer has been linked to consuming foods that are acidic. Plenty of clinical studies and books have been released over the years speaking to this point, but I would like to share a few source articles here.

What is pH and Why Is It Important?
The body keeps everything in a certain balance to ensure optimal health. It really is a marvelous masterpiece! One of the most crucial things the human body uses to keep "the balance" is through your body's pH. Your body's pH can range from acidic to alkaline or neutral. Overall, your body strives to keep your pH at a mildly alkaline level (7.3 pH) for optimal health. Keeping it at this state increases the oxygen levels that are absorbed into the body, reduces fatigue, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and prevents illness.

Cancer and an Alkaline Body
According to "
The Magic Bullet? The Calcium Factor" this article is one of many articles that elaborates on how calcium (an alkalizing agent of the body) plays a major role in preventing cancer growth. The article even mentions how the excessive consumption of red meat (page 5 of link) lessens the absorption of calcium which can contribute to cancer. The article cites an example of "The Hopi of Arizona are also virtually cancer free, perhaps partly because of sunlight exposure, and partly because of related alkaline minerals in their water, rubidium and potassium. Rubidium and potassium are highly alkaline minerals that are caustically active, helping a cell’s pH to rise to a very alkaline 8.5, a pH observed to kill cancer cells, either because of the abundance of oxygen or the change in pH that accompanies it."

Recommended Eating
Foods that promote a more alkaline blood pH and minerals that help alkalize the body are best. The body's design is so unique, that even if we don't consume the proper nutrients, it will pull alkalizing minerals (calcium, potassium, and magnesium) from the bones. But, over time, this predisposes your body to brittle bones and Osteoporosis. Although this is not an exhaustive list, this is a good start:
-Green Tea
-White Tea
-Purple Grapes
-Curry and Tumeric
-Green Juices & Wheat Grass Juice

For more information, feel free to read the following articles:
Understanding the pH Balance and the ACID Cycle
List of Acid Vs Alkaline Food
Case Study: How Someone Used Alkaline Foods To Affect Cancer

Did this article help you better understand how your body works? Feel free to comment below!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Instant Bellydancer Pre Valentine Party February 7th

We are proud to present the "Instant Bellydancer Series" for those that would love to make it to a class but their schedule doesn't mesh with the classes offered for 6 weeks.

Using our "Two in Twenty" technique, we'll show you how to bellydance, talk about nutrition and how to help you with your goals
Fight fatigue
Loose weight
Tone your body
Keep youthful skin

And we will wrap it up with a great performance to show you how everything looks "live". There will be food, and exotic teas, and lots of fun!

For more details. CLICK HERE

The first 10 people that register will also get a free gift!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Portion Control Story

O.K. I admit I have a problem with this darn "portion control" thing.

I open my e-mail to review at least one of 20 health, science, tea, and news articles that I read per day and find the annoying little (but helpful) article "portion control" from

According to this article, one of the suggested ways to loose 5 pounds is through watching the size of what we eat. At first I think "big newsflash there", but wait! There is a helpful guide the breaks down how much we really SHOULD be eating. CLICK HERE

So, imagine - to my surprise - that the love of my food eating existence (cheese) shows that one serving is the equivalent of 3 stacked dominoes. OK, in the back of my mind, I kinda knew that my love of cheese went way over the 3 stacked dominoes (even if the dominoes were super sized) but seeing is believing. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

What to do now? Well, I'm not sure. For the sake of argument here, I'm thinking about reducing my portion sizes, but the thought of missing my beloved cheese is giving me the shakes.

So what about you? After seeing the truth of what we really should be eating (click the link if you dare), how many of you are considering reducing your portion sizes? Talk to me... :)