Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Doctor May Want To Tell You The Truth - But Can't

An arresting and jarring title - I know....

For years, members of the natural health and holistic community and believers in following a more natural path have always known that you should work WITH your doctor towards better health - not just blindly follow your doctor without question. What does this mean? It means, your doctor may want to suggest something MORE to help you - but can't. So it's up to you, and us, as consumers to take control of our health and research the prognosis given. Don't assume that pain, fatigue, or lack of focus is normal.

Recently, an article featured in The New York Times called "When Doctors and Nurses Can’t Do the Right Thing" shed light on the dilemma that doctors and their medical staff faces. Some doctors and their staff WANT to give a more aggressive treatment for various patient medical conditions, but between the threat of medical establishment and the lawyers - the stakes are simply to high. For those doctors that are aware of "something being wrong" - they are among the group suffering from "Medical and Moral Distress."

Why can't doctors and nurses just TELL you what you need? Because they risk loosing their jobs, being sued, or having their medical license revoked. One doctor reported on this incident in an article titled "An Important Letter About Trust". After recommending a common and effective alternative approach to a patient's condition, the doctor was immediately summoned in front of the American Medical Association for a full investigation with the potential of loosing his medical license! In this situation, the doctor "got off with a warning" with the condition to NEVER mention natural approaches to treat patients again.

But the tide is turning, as more cases of people using alternative therapy yields results, members of the conservative school of thought in the medical community and the legal community are beginning to notice and hopefully pave the way for the public to become aware of ways to take charge of their health without quickly and resorting to prescription drugs. In the future, maybe doctors and nurses like these featured in these articles will be able to tell their patients the truth - without fear of consequences....

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