Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cancer, Sickness, and Body pH

In last week's class on Thursday January, 22nd, I talked about how the disease cancer has been linked to consuming foods that are acidic. Plenty of clinical studies and books have been released over the years speaking to this point, but I would like to share a few source articles here.

What is pH and Why Is It Important?
The body keeps everything in a certain balance to ensure optimal health. It really is a marvelous masterpiece! One of the most crucial things the human body uses to keep "the balance" is through your body's pH. Your body's pH can range from acidic to alkaline or neutral. Overall, your body strives to keep your pH at a mildly alkaline level (7.3 pH) for optimal health. Keeping it at this state increases the oxygen levels that are absorbed into the body, reduces fatigue, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and prevents illness.

Cancer and an Alkaline Body
According to "
The Magic Bullet? The Calcium Factor" this article is one of many articles that elaborates on how calcium (an alkalizing agent of the body) plays a major role in preventing cancer growth. The article even mentions how the excessive consumption of red meat (page 5 of link) lessens the absorption of calcium which can contribute to cancer. The article cites an example of "The Hopi of Arizona are also virtually cancer free, perhaps partly because of sunlight exposure, and partly because of related alkaline minerals in their water, rubidium and potassium. Rubidium and potassium are highly alkaline minerals that are caustically active, helping a cell’s pH to rise to a very alkaline 8.5, a pH observed to kill cancer cells, either because of the abundance of oxygen or the change in pH that accompanies it."

Recommended Eating
Foods that promote a more alkaline blood pH and minerals that help alkalize the body are best. The body's design is so unique, that even if we don't consume the proper nutrients, it will pull alkalizing minerals (calcium, potassium, and magnesium) from the bones. But, over time, this predisposes your body to brittle bones and Osteoporosis. Although this is not an exhaustive list, this is a good start:
-Green Tea
-White Tea
-Purple Grapes
-Curry and Tumeric
-Green Juices & Wheat Grass Juice

For more information, feel free to read the following articles:
Understanding the pH Balance and the ACID Cycle
List of Acid Vs Alkaline Food
Case Study: How Someone Used Alkaline Foods To Affect Cancer

Did this article help you better understand how your body works? Feel free to comment below!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Instant Bellydancer Pre Valentine Party February 7th

We are proud to present the "Instant Bellydancer Series" for those that would love to make it to a class but their schedule doesn't mesh with the classes offered for 6 weeks.

Using our "Two in Twenty" technique, we'll show you how to bellydance, talk about nutrition and how to help you with your goals
Fight fatigue
Loose weight
Tone your body
Keep youthful skin

And we will wrap it up with a great performance to show you how everything looks "live". There will be food, and exotic teas, and lots of fun!

For more details. CLICK HERE

The first 10 people that register will also get a free gift!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Portion Control Story

O.K. I admit I have a problem with this darn "portion control" thing.

I open my e-mail to review at least one of 20 health, science, tea, and news articles that I read per day and find the annoying little (but helpful) article "portion control" from

According to this article, one of the suggested ways to loose 5 pounds is through watching the size of what we eat. At first I think "big newsflash there", but wait! There is a helpful guide the breaks down how much we really SHOULD be eating. CLICK HERE

So, imagine - to my surprise - that the love of my food eating existence (cheese) shows that one serving is the equivalent of 3 stacked dominoes. OK, in the back of my mind, I kinda knew that my love of cheese went way over the 3 stacked dominoes (even if the dominoes were super sized) but seeing is believing. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

What to do now? Well, I'm not sure. For the sake of argument here, I'm thinking about reducing my portion sizes, but the thought of missing my beloved cheese is giving me the shakes.

So what about you? After seeing the truth of what we really should be eating (click the link if you dare), how many of you are considering reducing your portion sizes? Talk to me... :)