Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lawyer Turned Bellydancer - Saphira

Bellydancing graces the covers of "The Washington Post" and "NPR Radio" again!

One would think that if you earned a six figure salary as a lawyer and bellydanced that this would be enough to handle in your life, but we at Jade Fitness and Entertainment often say that once the "bellydance bug" bites you, there is no turning back.

A successful lawyer, Rachel Ortega fell in love with bellydancing a few years ago but it wasn't enough to take a few classes and perform. Eventually, she "took the plunge" after being bit by the "bellydance bug", left her career as a lawyer and started her own school. Today, it is a successful and busy operation with 9 instructors and teaches hundreds of women the art of bellydancing. Like Jade Fitness and Entertainment, her students hail from all professions and backgrounds and enjoy her classes.

To learn more about Saphira and her story of how the "bellydance bug" bit her, CLICK HERE.
We at Jade Fitness and Entertainment wish Saphira well!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why You Should Be On Twitter....


By now, you are familiar with the term or have heard it around - somewhere. Maybe you tried it and just didn't get this "Twitter Thing." Well, I'm here to help you connect the dots - from a health perspective.

Twitter is a mini - blog. The key is to post your post (also known as a "Tweet") in less than 140 words.

The key is to find your "niche." If you are into health - or interested in health, then you will want to use the "Search" function at the bottom of Twitter's page. This is different than the "Find People" tab.

Once you are on the search page, type in "health" or "bellydance" or whatever moves you.

When you find someone that you like (or who's posts you would like to know more about), you will want to "Follow" that person by hitting the "Follow" button under the person's profile photo. To see the person's whole Twitter profile in the search results, just click on the person's name and read their posts/Tweets.

But How Can This Help Me With My Health?
By "Following" people with like interests, this creates a virtual "support group" for where you are in life. If your goal is to loose weight or stay in the know about healthy "stuff", then "Follow" someone that posts great information pertaining to this subject. Converse with that person via Twitter to learn new "cool stuff"

You can always follow us (we'd like to think we are "cool" enough to follow): JadeBellydancer is Jade Fitness & Entertainment's Twitter ID

Other Cool People To Follow:

This list is to just get you started and is not an exhastive list of people that post great health information by any means. Check out JadeBellydancer under Twitter to see who we're following and vice versa for an idea.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!