Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3 Ways The "Naturally Thin" Stay That Way

The Naturally Thin Don't Worry - As Much As We Do:  According to a survey conducted by Health Magazine late last year, 54% of all those surveyed said they worry more than their spouse.  Experts that specialize in this area recommend those that worry become aware of what's happening now and keep it in context to your overall goals.  It's not that those that are "Naturally Thin" don't worry - they do - it's just they keep their worries "compartmentalized" and don't allow the worry to overshadow their goals in life.  They take it in stride.

The "Naturally Thin" Eat What They Want:  They eat what they want - within reason.  The key lies in eating until one is satisfied and they don't eat the same high fat foods frequently.

The "Naturally Thin" Look At Food As a Source Of Fuel - Not Comfort:  While it's fine to have a craving for something, "Naturally Thin" people don't look to food as the answer.  They don't think "I'm so sad/stressed today that I'm going to go home and eat a whole pint of ice cream".  The "Naturally Thin" eat and enjoy their food - and move on.

Hopefully these 3 tips help you in your fitness goals.  Remember, feel free to eat, enjoy your food, and don't let life worry steal your peace of mind.

Thank you for taking time to read this.  Feel free to post comments below.

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