Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 Places Germs Are Waiting For You

According to the Center for Disease Control, virus like the flu, and E. Coli reside on things that we touch every day.  Below are the top areas those little "bugs" may be hiding.

Cell Phone:  Statistically, 3 out of 4 cell phones carry germs that could be potentially dangerous.  The Solution:  Wipe down your phone periodically with a dampend cloth mixed with soap or hand sanitizer.

Credit Cards:  See that cashier coughing and sniffling?  Be carefull when she or he swipes your card as you make a purchase because the germs are passed along to you when you when the cashier touches your card.  The Solution:  Clean your cards once a week with a bleach based disinfecting type cleaner.

Jeans Pockets:  Bacteria can still reside in your jeans pockets long after your hand has left.  The Solution:  Turn your pockets inside out when you wash your jeans and wash in hot water.

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